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Adult Link (Ocarina of Time) by charcoalo.




Tales of Zestiria Japanese Lalabit Market Edition »

  • 13,980 Yen ($130)
  • Tales of Zestiria Game Software
  • Chibi Kyun Chara figures of Sorey, Alisha, Mikleo and Edna. The concept sketches are above. (you get the 4 figures)
  • The Divine Records bookmarks set of 6.
  • Sorey’s Sword Ornament Charm (1 piece)
  • A book called “Record of Greenwood Travels” (1 piece, name is temporary for now)
  • Collection box made to look like the Divine Records book that Sorey has. 
  • The 2 pre-order bonuses: 1 of 4 straps of Sorey, Alisha, Edna and Mikleo plus the cameo Mystic Artes of Alisha, Mikleo and Lailah.


Special post to celebrate the awesomeness of the 3 legendary bird Pokemon. Articuno is and will always be my favorite. (If I were to categorize them in my usual way we’d have, a frozen turkey, a deep fried chicken and a crispy duck.)


pixel practice with jirachi


A sample of the 2015 Tales of Calendar from LaLaBit Market!

This item will be on sale first at Tokyo Game Show 2014, and later on LaLaBit’s page for 2,700 yen.


Tales of Zestiria Japanese Pre-order Bonus Mystic Artes »

  • Alisha - Leia’s “Soulstoke Celebration” (Tales of Xillia)
  • Lailah - Kongwai’s “Silent End” (Tales of Innocence R)
  • Mikleo - Loni’s “Final Prayer” (Tales of Destiny 2)

"Ludger and Elle act just like they’re family, don’t they?"


Images and information on the Tales of Festival 2014 BD and Limited Edition BD have finally been released!

  • Limited Edition Price: 9,240 yen plus tax
  • Normal Version Price: 6,800 yen plus tax
  • Release Date: 2014/11/14
  • Run Time: approx. 240 min

The Limited Edition set will include the following:

  • Normal Version Blu-ray Disc
  • Limited Edition Special Box
  • Fan Radio Special Compilation CD - “Onosaka Masaya’s Tales Fes Radio!” with special guest Kondo Takashi (Ludger).
  • Special Skit Script Replica (Blu-ray size, 117 pages) - Includes the 5/31 skit “Tales of Dreams” and the “Tales of Character Popularity Contest 2014”
  • Pin Badge Set of 4 and Postcard - featuring original illustration by ufotable

More information and the preview video can be found here!

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